A theory about cold resistance.

Portrait photography always eluded me. Sure — I covered few weddings, took some decent street, gig and festival shots, even played with a small amount of corporate sessions but it never felt 100% comfortable. Or at least not as comfortable as landscape, which has always been my passion.

The main concern I always have is with freedom of creation — while in the countryside I can do literally anything my sick imagination comes up with, it simply doesn’t work like that with people. Or does it?

Well, that was the question I decided to answer once for all.

Being a recent member of one the meetups ran by a commercial photographer Lisa Lobanova, I decided to follow her on few occasions to see whether this is something I can play with. The first available session seemed perfect — minimum equipment, just reflectors, and was supposed to happen in picturesque Kew Gardens, which I always wanted to visit but somehow never managed to.

Photo Vultures in Kew Gardens

The group consisted of roughly 10 people of different skills, gear and professions but all passionate about photography which, in the end, is the only thing that counts. I haven’t had a chance to talk to all of them but the ones I managed to exchange few words with were a very interesting bunch. That also includes our 2 gorgeous and multitalented models Ksenia Volkowa and Rachel Marquez, who easily crushed few stereotypes of modelling world.

They also managed to destroy few laws of physics and biochemistry. For example while everyone with a camera in their hands was layered up with clothes, those girls were running around or, what’s even worse, laying on the ground wearing short summer dresses, for crying out loud! Yet I couldn’t see even a single sign of goose bumps! Well, OK they gave up eventually and the fact they were born in Siberia and Alaska helps, but still! They are tough! Perhaps in the search for the ultimate soldier all leading governments should consider hiring girls like these 2 — it would end all wars within few weeks time. No doubt here.

Anyway, summing up…
Did I learn a lot? Not really, though I’m pretty sure I suck less at it than I thought I did. Also my healthy shoe fetish is still strong(;
Did I enjoy it? Definitely.
Will I be back? Yes.

The outcome is for you to judge, either from the gallery below or at full resolution at Flickr and Google+ Photos.

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