Music Inspirations #2

Right, so my plan of weekly releases didn’t really worked out, did it. Couple of reasons:

  1. Didn’t have that much spare time to dig around for new music
  2. Not much inspiring music has been released recently, or at least inspiring me.

Don’t worry though — I’ll keep it rolling, just on a less frequent basis e.g. once a month. I’ll see how it goes from now on, but without further delay here’s the latest list:

“This Night” by Black Lab

I haven’t watched a single episode of The Shield, which this track is promoting. I stumbled upon it by a complete mistake and instantly loved it, having faint recollections of spending hours listening to Anathema‘s compositions all those years ago. Quite a dark song that one, so you don’t want to go there on a good day, but on a crappy one you’ll appreciate it plenty. Trust me.

Official Website:

“Black Tongue” by Mastodon

Now this is a treat for the lovers of something stronger and heavier. I sooo love every sound these guys make, even if it reminds me of the long dead Kr’shna Brothers. And it’s good for anger management. Or, well, the opposite of it.

Official Website:

“Two Weeks” by Grizzly Bear

One of the most positively creepy (is that even possible?) music videos I’ve seen for a while. But it’s exactly the type of indie I love. It makes me smile on the most cloudy day.

Official Website:

“Dovahkiin (Skyrim Theme Song)” by René Berthiaume of Equilibrium

I wouldn’t be true to my nerdish nature if I missed this. If you don’t do metal you may like the original more(; Also get a cup of tea. FUS RO DAH!!! (read: frakking epic!).

Official Website:

“Wave” by THePETEBOX

I’m always surprised how people tend to ignore niche creative musicians. I posted about this guy few times and everyone I know was pretty much ignorant. Yet what he does is simply brilliant — not even mentioning the amount of time he needs to spend on synchronising all the loops before making it live and perfect must be ridiculous. One of the new artists I’m rooting for 100%.

Official Website:

“Love is Evil” by Apollo 440

One true composition in here. Have you ever felt sick and tired of where all your bad decisions led you, trying to find a logical explanation of what the fuck went wrong and how to make it work for once? It’s exactly where this song takes me.
Apollo 440 outdone themselves with their recent album — it’s my top 3 of the last few months.

Official Website:

“Baby Got A Switchblade” by The Calimocho Club

Now this is what I’m talking about — a proper, no bullshit oldskool rock. I really need this kind of music to emerge more. Shame it doesn’t.

Official Website:

“Show me the Place” by Leonard Cohen

It’s been a while since I listened to poetry. A while too long. I jumped on Leonard’s latest album minutes after it was released and it’s been with me since then. There’re not too many artists that can do what he does to me and I’m actually glad — thanks to this I can appreciate him even more. If you ever feel the world is to heavy he will help. Not by giving false hopes and lying but by offering the truth. Take it.

Official Website:

“Soldier On” by The Temper Trap

Another simple yet brilliant song by an Australian indie band. I just heart the tone of lead’s voice — it makes me remember things I should have forgotten long time ago. You have to appreciate this kind of triggers, even if you don’t welcome them that much.

Official Website:

“Old Man River” by Reginald Smith, Jr. and University of Kentucky Men’s Chorus

I left this little (thought that’s probably a very wrong word to use here) gem for last. Listen to it even if you don’t like choirs or opera and Reginald’s sexy low voice will make you change your mind.

Official Site:

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