Hiking season 2012 commenced.
Also on how to be a creep.

On Thursday my weekend plan was to work on my portfolio. Of Friday I checked the weather forecast and knew it’s not going to happen. Instead I waxed my boots, charged all batteries, cleaned lenses and caught a train to Dorking — a small town with 3 train stations (!) and a vineyard basking in the shadow of Box Hill.

The goal was to reach a lovely village of Shere, grab a late lunch with a pint of local ale in a countryside pub, and go back home from a nearby station. As many goals in my life, it never happened.

Somewhere on the North Downs Trail between Dorking and Guildford

Not in a bad way though — for once I was actually way ahead of my predictions! It was way too early to leave the trail and my feet were more than happy to proceed, so I modified the plan to end the journey in neighbouring Chilworth.

It didn’t happen either.

It just felt wrong to stop and end such a wonderful day. So I kept going.

Fortunately my masochistic tendencies vanished soon after, when I reached an old church on top of sandy St.Martha’s hill. I’ve been there twice so far and without a doubt it’s my favourite place in North Downs — it somehow reawakens glimpses of those feelings I get when reaching summit of a mountain — peacefulness, understanding of everything around you and a bit of satisfaction. It’s just slightly more busy with passers-by and, well, there’s the issue of the graveyard, you’re sitting at(;

In the end, I managed to cover 24km from Dorking to Guildford, which I find a very nice initiation of the season. Let’s see how it goes from here.

Also, before I finish, I must admit I had a bit of an incident on the trail. There was this young couple following me at the early stages of the trip, but occasionally we were changing this order as either me or them were taking a photo or having a break for a sip of water. You see, the problem was, every time they turned back to look behind them for some reason, or they were coming out of the bend, I had my camera pointed at them! I didn’t take a single shot but from a distance you can’t really tell, can you. My freakishly pretty face and long hair did not help either, so I was not surprised to receive a series of weird/angry looks from the guy minutes before they disappeared from the trail(; I think I can confirm my first creep-out achievement of 2012. Why am I single again?(;

Anyway, as usual you can find all the photographs from my hike below and on Flickr or Picasa. Nothing breathtaking, but perhaps it will convince you to have a city break next weekend? Who knows.

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