Dangers of Groban Warming — Josh Groban live in London, UK

I was rather quiet for the last few months, no point denying it. The reason is rather simple ­— I was allocating all my spare time for my portfolio redesign, which is finally on its way, but more about it later. For now I’d like to share few words with you on a number of performances I had a great pleasure watching in the last few months.

First one is concert of Josh Groban. This guy was avoiding UK for way too long, and when he finally comes, he comes to London for only 1 gig! That’s just mean, isn’t it?(;

Anyway… yes, as you can imagine, the Hammersmith or HMV Apollo (which by the way is the shittiest venue I’ve ever been to) was completely packed, and, by the looks of it, with 70:30 girls to guys ratio(; But that was to be expected.

In case you haven’t heard of Josh he’s an American Grammy Nominated singer-songwriter with a rather lyric crossover, slightly pop-operatic voice. He’s known not only from making girls (Grobanites?) mass propose to him on his gigs, but also from haunting ballads like You Raise Me Up or the most uplifting sonf of 2006 You Are Loved. He’s one of those extremely talented young artists, who just delivers every single time. Simple as that.

As expected, he also delivered in London. It was a brilliant show with a lot of touching and funny moments, like e.g. inviting a 60 years married couple to a stage and then dedicating them a song about cheating, or his way out of Zombiepocalypse… His voice sounded exactly as great as I hoped for and definitely a perfect way to spend an evening, which is also what other few hundred people thought and forced him for few encore returns(; He finished the concert with a really well chosen Charlie Chaplin’s classic — Smile:

Summing up, if you’re looking for a gig to attend in a future, Josh is definitely the one to watch, but in the meantime give it a go and get his latest album Illuminations or learn more about his work at his official website.

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